2-Tone Custom Fountain Pen - in Blue & Silver Matrix Acrylic.

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Blue-Silver-Matrix (capped) Blue-Silver-Matrix (uncapped) Blue-Silver-Matrix (close-up)

Blue-Silver-Matrix (uncapped-2) Blue-Silver-Matrix (close-up-2) Blue-Silver-Matrix (finial close-up) Blue-Silver-Matrix (blind-cap close-up)

About this Pen and Material:
The clip and accent bands are SILVER plated rather than chrome or rhodium. The Silver plating gives the parts a satin sheen instead of a shinny looking finish, which blends very well with the silver in the acrylic. I sized the center section of the cap so the clip was framed top and bottom between the two accent bands and solid black pieces. The nib is polished steel to blend with the silver plated hardware.

This material is an Acrylic called "Blue-Silver Matrix". The pattern you see is actually deceptive. It looks like it's made up of a bunch of little squares. It is, but it wasn't made by gluing all those little squares together. The Matrix patterns are actually made using STRIATED blanks. Striated blanks have the colors running horizontally along the full length of the blanks. So they take these striated blanks and cut them into pieces, then glue them back together creating the random pattern. I actually stumbled onto how this was done when I noticed the colors in a matrix blank and a striated blank were EXACTLY the same-- even the pattern of the colors in the small squares on the Matrix blanks were the same as the striated blanks. So I surmised this is how they are made. An example is shown below. It shows the striated blank in the foreground, and the matrix blank in the background (you can click on it to see a larger view).

Blue-Silver-Matrix (material close-up)

This Pen's Specifications:
Color / Material: Blue-Silver Matrix and Solid Black Acrylics.
Length: Capped 6.375" / Uncapped 5.60".
Diameter: Barrel .562" / Cap .60.
Weight (w/o ink): Capped 25.6 gms / Uncapped 11.1 gms.
Nib: Polished Steel Meister #6.
Clip: Silver plated Diane.
Accent Bands: Silver plated.
Filling System: C/C or button filler.