Custom Bulls Eye Fountain Pen
in Olive Drab Acrylic with Matte Finish.

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Olive Drab Bulls-eye Pen Capped Olive Drab Bulls-eye Pen Uncapped-1 Olive Drab Bulls-eye Pen Closeup-1 Olive Drab Bulls-eye Pen Uncapped-2

Olive Drab Bulls-eye Pen Closeup-2 Olive Drab Bulls-eye Pen Ruler-1 Olive Drab Bulls-eye Pen Ruler-2 Olive Drab Bulls-eye Pen Bullseye


About this Pen:
This pen is like the 'Submarine' pen I made a few years ago (actually two years to the month), but here I used a green Alumilite called 'Olive Drab' for the pen instead of black. Then instead of naming it like the original pen, I decided to call it a Bulls-Eye pen. So named because when you look head-on at the cap, the colors form a bulls-eye. The pen was styled after the Solano, but with the lengths of the cap and barrel adjusted. The cap and barrel on the Solano are the same length at 3.0" each for a total of 6.0". This pen is 6.0", but I moved the joint forward and reduced the cap length to 2.50", then added the 1/2" to the barrel making it 3.50" long. The Section is the same length as the Solano at 1" long.

About the Bulls Eye:
The Bulls-eye was created by gluing the three individual colors of acrylic to the front of a green blank. Simple--BUT, in order to get the bulls-eye effect, I had to calculate the length or thickness of each of the three colors so that when the front of the cap was tapered, it would allow all FOUR colors to show giving the bulls-eye effect. I say four colors because the GREEN in the cap should also be visible, but unfortunately there was too much glare around the cap that it made the green look white instead.

About this Material:
The main material is an Alumilite acrylic called "Olive Drab". The customer wanted a solid 'army' shade of green, and when I found these blanks I thought it would fit the bill perfectly. And to continue the theme, I gave the acrylic a matte finish instead of the traditional high-gloss finish by stopping before i got to the final polishing stage, and then cutting back the shine by hand buffing with brown paper bag. The paper bag was coarse enough to cut back the shine, but fine enough not leave any scratches. Then I gave it a final buffing with a coarse shop towel leaving a nice silky smooth surface. I think it looks just like the green you'd see on an old army jeep!

This Pen's Specifications:
Color / Material: Olive Drab Alumilite Acrylic.
Length: Capped 6.0" / Uncapped 5.81".
Diameter (max): .67" (joint).
Clip: Clipless.
Nib: (broad) 18k Gold #6 Jowo.
Filling System: C/C.
Also available as an Eye Dropper.